A key feature of the QuantitativeEcology Lab is strong integration between instruction and research activities. Teaching is where we being to develop our thoughts, conceptual tools, and methodologies and remains the arena where we verify our findings. QuantitativeEcology owes its origins to to many late-night (over pints) discussions where the the flow of information increases and the integration between instruction and research activities blurs. Throughout our courses and workshops, we use an interdisciplinary approach to enable students to master quantitative and visual representation techniques in the widest sense. We draw on the expertise of professors and professionals from several disciplines, from forest ecology to remote sensing and statistics to computer science.

Courses Taught:

Class Class Title Semester
FOR 413 & 414C Ecosystem Assessment I & II Fall
FOR 606 Ecological Data Analysis Fall (Odd Years)
FOR 641 Data Metaphors and Visualization Fall
FOR 313 Silviculture (Forest Resource Sampling) Fall
FOR 324W Forest Management I (Forest Biometrics) Spring

Workshops Taught:

Year Class Title Semester
2020 Big Data Analytics in Forestry Spring