QuantitativeEcology is a Research Lab in the School of Forestry at Northern Arizona University. It focuses on the application of advanced mathematical, computational and statistical tools to any number of problems [read more...]


Our lab is currently looking for two MS students for projects starting Spring 2015. Both positions will include full graduate research assistantships (tuition, benefits, and stipend) and are best suited for individuals looking to further develop their quantitative skills (especially in modeling, silviculture, sampling, and spatial analyses). These positions will also likely work closely with one or more non-thesis Masters of Forestry and undergraduate researchers. The following are brief descriptions of the two projects:

1.  Joint-Fire Sciences Funded Project – Developing State-and-Transition models in support of economic analyses of long-run expected reductions in wildfire suppression costs and post-fire rehabilitation associated with fuels treatments in the Southern Colorado Plateau. This work is being done in conjunction with several economist at the University of Nevada at Reno and will necessitate working with USFS Regional Office personnel in Vegetation Management and Fire Ecology.

2.  Collaborative Landscape Restoration Program Funded Project – Assessing current conditions and modeling restoration treatment alternatives on the Rio Tusas-Lower San Antonio landscape of northern New Mexico. This work will be co-Chaired by Kristen Waring (Silviculture) and I and will necessitate working with USFS Carson National Forest, Regional Office, and Ecological Restoration Institute personnel.


 Recent posts…

A couple of new wildfire-related publications

Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work a several wildfire-related projects, two of which are now available from their publishers. The first focuses on the effectiveness of fuel treatments following the Wallow (2011) fire and the second focuses on long-term forest dynamics under alternative climate and management scenarios following the Rodeo-Chediski [read more...]

A little R love for my non-R friends…

Source: http://xkcd.com/1064/ There’s even a package to make your figures in XKCD fashion! How awesome is that!??!??! http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12675147/how-can-we-make-xkcd-style-graphs-in-r

The other day, a colleague/friend sent me a message asking how to go about learning R and specifically asked about online resources to help her lessen the learning curve. Since I knew she is a SAS [read more...]

Prezi on introducing spatial statistics

Last semester, I provided a couple of guest lectures in Margaret Moore’s Landscape Ecology class on spatial statistics. Spatial statistics, tools that hold a special place in my heart, are commonly used for understanding data distributed in a space where positions and distance have meaning; and are highly useful tools in forestry [read more...]